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China Shenzhen Ironman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Company Cases

The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University

The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University IRONMAN Intelligence: A new mode of enabling hospitals to pass easily   Hospital is an important place for medical care, and safety management for hospital is more and important. In order to create a safe and orderly medical environment, the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University introduced IRONMAN Intelligent Hospital intelligent access turnstile solution, for access management to achieve accurate control of people entry and eixt of multiple scenarios, so that hospital management becomes more accurate and efficient, and the medical environment is safer and more convenient.   Due to the large flow of people, the personnel visit hopital is complex. If the hospital only relies on manual management accuracy,  the control cost is high and the efficiency is low. Especially in the early evening peak, it is inevitable that the queuing time is long and the pre-inspection triage personnel are overloaded. Manual control day. The law meets the complex control requirements of hospitals. The smart speed gate can prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the hospital, ensuring that only those with appropriate permissions can enter. This helps to protect the safety of the hospital, prevent illegal entry or potential security threats, and further create a safe and orderly medical environment. Advanced access technology enables travel control, the introduction of IRONMAN intelligent access solutions, in the outpatient treatment, staff attendance, hospital management and companion management and other links to achieve multi-scene accurate control of people entering and leaving, so that hospital management becomes more accurate and efficient, the medical environment is more secure, complete and convenient.   The combination of facial recognition, ID card, temperature measurement, etc., helps the hospital to hit the accurate and convenient management , effectively alleviates the current fish of personnel gathering, reduces the occurrence of conflicts, and can eliminate the mixing of idle personnel, which both improves hospital safety. The management level improves the efficiency and comfort of doctors and patients, and significantly reduces the workload of security personnel and hospital operating costs.    

Zhejiang Dongyu Logistics Park - Face Recognition Speed Gate Project

Zhejiang Dongyu Logistics Park - Face Recognition Speed Gate Project   Zhejiang Yiwu Dongyu Logistics Park is the executive director of China Transport Association, national AAAA level comprehensive service logistics enterprise, founded in 1991, headquartered in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, in 2017 strategic reform transferred to Shanghai Qingpu.   The registered capital is 410 million yuan.   Main domestic railway freight transport, road freight transport, open direct outlets of nearly 100, 8 boutique trunk lines, comprehensive to cover the Yangtze River Delta, southwest, northwest regions.   More than 40 holding/wholly-owned subsidiaries;     Business radiation in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, with more than 1,000 employees, more than 300 own vehicles, more than 300 cooperative vehicles, set general cargo transportation, large transportation, logistics consulting, supply chain finance, warehousing and distribution integration of modern integrated logistics services.   Face recognition technology to expand the application of face recognition gate, face recognition access control, attendance, channel gate and other integrated use, making the channel management system function more perfect and intelligent, the future with the development of face, optics, computers and other related technologies, face recognition system in the accuracy, response speed and living aspects will be revolutionary breakthroughs, in different scene requirements based     In the future, more intelligent gate products will be developed and launched, and better applied to office buildings, schools, residential areas, transportation hubs and other fields.   The use of face recognition gate system for attendance punching, live detection and recognition can effectively prevent the phenomenon of punch-in, and can also be used for visitor registration management, especially suitable for the attendance application of companies with large traffic.  

Hangzhou Wulin Star Expo Center (a new landmark of cultural tourism in Hangzhou) - Cheetah Speed Gate + Face Recognition Exhibition Scanning Project

The Wulin Star Expo Center project is one of the cultural and tourism complex projects in the core area of Hangzhou specified by the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. The project plans to build a compatible museum cluster with the city museum and the Science and Art Museum as the core. After completion, it will become Hangzhou's cultural center. Travel new landmark. Wulin Star Expo Center (Gate of Time) introduced Shenzhen Tiejun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. cheetah speed pass gate and face recognition exhibition scanning code system in order to improve customer experience in exhibiting, so as to bring customers more intelligent and convenient service experience. The cheetah speed gate and face recognition exhibition code scanning system adopts the most advanced technology, which can instantly identify the facial features of exhibitors and scan the QR codes of exhibitors to achieve fast passage, which greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of passage. In addition to improving traffic efficiency, the system can record the traffic records and exhibition information of exhibitors, which is convenient for managers to conduct data analysis and statistics. In addition, the cheetah speed gate combined with the exhibition code scanning system has a certain security performance. The system can identify and intercept strangers to prevent criminals from entering the exhibition area. At the same time, the system can also encrypt the facial features of exhibitors to protect personal privacy and security