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Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: IRONMAN
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: IM.Y306
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: carton packing
Delivery Time: 8-15 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 pc per/month
Detail Information
Name: Flap Barrier Turnstile Channel Width: 550mm
Dimensions: 1400*300*980mm Service Life: 5,000,000 Times
Alarm Function: With Sound And Light Alarm Function Application: Colleges / Office Buildings
Turnstile Working Speed: 45~50 People/min Housing Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile


Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate


Flap Turnstile Gate

Product Description

Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function

Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function 0

Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function 1

Product Parameters Dimensions 1420*300*980mm Housing Material: Housing: SUS304 1.5MM
Top Cover: SUS304 2.0MM
Wing Arm material: 15MM Acrylic wing board/soft wing flaps optional Channel width: 550MM or 600MM
application: Suitable for indoor/outdoor pedestrian passages; such as: scenic spots, parks, playgrounds/primary and secondary schools/colleges/office buildings/hotels, residential quarters/factory parks/hospitals/enterprises and institutions/government halls/sports venues, etc.;
Technical Parameter ◆Housing Material: SUS304 stainless steel
◆Internal structure: steel frame structure/standard stainless steel shell;
◆Power Voltage: AC220V±10V
◆Drive motor: DC brushless motor(24~36VDC)
◆Movement structure: full-height direct-drive movement, fixed with upper and lower screws, firmly bearing force; high-precision movement and motor direct drive, higher precision, faster opening and closing speed, longer service life (patented product); stability and low noise.;
◆Service life: 5,000,000 times
◆Infrared sensor: 4 to 6 pairs (can support 12 pairs of configuration)
◆Working temperature:-35℃~75℃
◆Relative humidity:0~90%(non-condensing)
◆Communication interface: RS232 serial port
◆Communication protocol: MODBUS protocol
◆Turnstile working speed: 45~50 people/min; double-flying wing configuration ≤ 30 people/min (memory mode can be turned on)
◆Passing time: swiping card travel time: 10S (if no one passes within 10S: the gate will automatically close, and the time can be adjusted according to needs)
Function parameter Basic Function ●Alarm function: with sound and light alarm function
●Anti-interference:It can limit the abnormality of the gate caused electromagnetic and other external factors
●Traffic mode setting:One-way, two-way, free traffic, etc. can be set through the buttons on the main control panel
●Anti tailing: prevent the unauthorized situation of too many people at same time.
●Anti pinch function:When the gate is in the process of closing, the gate will stop closing after detecting the anti-pinch signal
●Automatic reset: after opening the gate, if the user does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission to pass this time; The default is 10 seconds, and the traffic time can be set through the switch
●Access control: External port can connect a variety of biometric devices
●Power off and opening:switch off after power off, and the switch opening direction can be set
●Fault detection:Control board can support fault type detection,Assist in analyzing the causes of faults and handling faults and abnormalities.
●Passing indication: with passing status indicator; It can also set the alarm function of exceeding the stay time in the channel
Extension Function ▲ Passing Mode
△ Normal: normal pedestrian passing mode
△ Passing: automatic vehicle / electric vehicle / motorcycle passing mode
▲Opening / closing delay, set the delay opening time after the gate turnstile receives the opening signal/set the delay closing time after pedestrians pass, the default is 0 seconds
▲Card swiping in the channel
△Default forbidden: card swiping in the channel (inductive infrared area) is invalid
△Permission:card swiping verification is allowed in the channel
▲Whether the trailing and reversing are blocked by closing the door
△The gate Closed: the reverse/trailing (A swipe card, B pass) will not close the gate
△Close the gate first and then open the gate: close the gate first for reverse/trailing traffic, and then open the gate again after closing
△Do not open the gate after closing the gate: the reverse/trailing traffic will close the gate, and the gate will not be opened again after closing
▲Fire linkage
△Normally open mode: the gate remains open;
△ Normally closed mode: the gate remains closed
▲System language function
△Chinese: The system can set the Chinese interface
△English: The system can set the English interface
▲Passage Mode
△Bidirectional passage,swiping card bi-directionally for people flow.
△Bidirectional free passage, no credit card verification is required.
△Single directional passage, Single directional (A) swiping card, and the gate opens normally for people flow; reverse directional (B) swiping card is invalid, and the gate closes.
△Single directional free passage, Single directional (A) free passage, and reverse directional passing (B) require a swiping card verification.
△Passing is prohibited, Bidirectional swiping card is invaild, and the gate enters the locked state.
△Passing is prohibited, the two-way card swiping is invalid, and the gate enters the locked state


Flap Turnstile Feature:


1. Stable running with little noise.

2. Bi-direction passing or uni-direction.

3. When power off, arm will be dropped automatically.

4. High-end customization,Double Anti-pinch and Efficient and Durable.

5. Self-lock function: arm will be locked automatically after passenger passing.

6. Material selection specialized and Fashionable style: 304 stainless steel and unique design, simple and exquisite, with fine brushed texture, textural appearance, every detail is presented by cutting and polishing process.


Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function 2


Low Noise Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate SUS304 With Sound / Light Alarm Function 3

The IRONMAN IM.Y306 Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate is an ideal solution for any secure access control system. This gate is designed with anti-trailing and anti-pinch features and is made from sturdy materials to provide reliable security. It is able to handle a wide range of access control systems, with a passage width of 550mm. It is equipped with a 50W power supply and RS485 communication interface, and can operate in a wide range of humidity up to 90%RH. With its reliable construction and anti-trailing features, the IRONMAN IM.Y306 Barrier Turnstile Gate is perfect for any secure access control system.

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