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IRONMAN IM.ST603 Speed Gate -- Commerical ⬆⬆⬆

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: IRONMAN
Certification: ISO9001; CE; FCC
Model Number: IM.ST603
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: To be negotiated
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 8-15 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 pc per/month
Detail Information
Name: Speedgate Turnstile Type: Security Equipment
Material: 304 Stainless Steel And Acrylic Tempered Glass Passage Width: 600-1000mm
Pass Rate: 99% Housing: SUS304 1.5MM
Application: Factories, Office Building, Hotel Basic Function: Anti-interference
Basic Function ●Voice Broadcast:it Has The Function Of Entering And Opening The Gate / Exiting The G: Passage Mode Input Voltage: AC 100 ~ 220V±10% ,50Hz

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Product Description

High End Speed Swing Barrier Turnstile With LED Light

IRONMAN IM.ST603 Speed Gate -- Commerical ⬆⬆⬆ 0


IM.ST603 Speed Gate

Glass Speed Gate Turnstile <IM.ST603> Product Specifications
Product Parameters Dimensions: Length 1500*Width 150*Height 1000mm Box Material Stainless Steel SUS304 1.5 mm
+ Glass
Swing Arm Material: 10mm Acrylic Swing Door Channel Width: Open Type; Recommended ≤1000mm
Technical Parameter ◆Box material: austenitic stainless steel SUS304
◆Power supply voltage: AC1110~220V ± 10V
◆Drive motor: DC brushless motor (24~36VDC)
◆Movement structure: high-precision anti-collision movement, high-strength clutch, return in case of resistance, high strength, impact resistance;
◆Service life: more than 8 million times of continuous opening and closing
◆Infrared sensor: 8 pairs; (support more than 8 pairs of configuration)
◆Working environment: -35℃~75℃
◆Relative humidity: 0~90% (no condensation)
◆Communication interface: RS485 port
◆The working speed of the turnstile: ≤45 people/min (the memory mode can be turned on)
◆Passing time: swiping card travel time: 10S (if no one passes 10S: speed gate turnstile will automatically close, and the time can be adjusted as needed)
Function Parameter Basic Function ●Alarm function: with sound and light alarm function
●Anti-interference: It can limit the abnormality of speed gate turnstile caused by external factors such as electromagnetic
●Pass mode setting: One-way pass, two-way pass, free pass (wing arm retraction), etc. can be set through the buttons on the main control board
●Anti-trailing: prevent the non-permissible situation of too many people at one time.
●Anti-pinch function: When speed gate turnstile is in the process of closing, speed gate turnstile will stop closing after detecting the anti-pinch signal
●Auto reset: After speed gate turnstile is opened, if there is no visitor within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user's access authority; the default is 10 seconds, and the passage time can be set by the switch
●Access control: The I/O port can connect a variety of biometric devices
●Power off and open: the gate baffle opens after power off
●Fault detection: The control board can support fault type detection, assist in analyzing the cause of the fault, and handle abnormal faults.
●Traffic indication: There is a traffic status indicator; and an alarm function for exceeding the stay time in the channel can be set
Expanding Function ▲Passing mode
△Normal: Normal passing mode
△Passing: automatic car/electric car/motorcycle passing mode
▲Sound broadcast, expandable voice module, and volume adjustment
▲Open/close delay, set the delay opening time after speed gate turnstile receives the opening signal/set the delay closing time after pedestrians pass, the default is 0 seconds
▲ Swipe the card in the channel
△ Disabled by default: card swiping in the channel (induction infrared area) is invalid
△Allow: Card verification is allowed in the channel.
▲Whether the trailing and reversing are blocked by closing the door
△Do not close speed gate turnstile: the reverse/trailing (A swipe card, B pass) will not close speed gate turnstile
△Close speed gate turnstile first and then open speed gate turnstile: close speed gate turnstile first for reverse/trailing traffic, and then open speed gate turnstile again after closing
△speed gate turnstile will not be opened after speed gate turnstile is closed: speed gate turnstile will be closed for reverse/trailing traffic, and speed gate turnstile will not be opened again after speed gate turnstile is closed
▲Fire linkage
△Normally open mode: speed gate turnstile remains open
△ Normally closed mode: speed gate turnstile remains closed
▲Passage Mode
△Bidirectional passage,swiping card bi-directionally for people flow.
△Bidirectional free passage, no credit card verification is required.
△Single directional passage, Single directional (A) swiping card, and the gate opens normally for people flow; reverse directional (B) swiping card is invalid, and the gate closes.
△Single directional free passage, Single directional (A) free passage, and reverse directional passing (B) require a swiping card verification.
△Passing is prohibited, Bidirectional swiping card is invaild, and the gate enters the locked state.


Product Application
Suitable for indoor pedestrian passage places; such as: office buildings/hotels/residential quarters/high-end factory parks/higher schools/hospitals/enterprises and institutions/government halls/sports venues/convention and exhibition centers;


Dimension Drawing


IRONMAN IM.ST603 Speed Gate -- Commerical ⬆⬆⬆ 1

IRONMAN IM.ST603 Speed Gate -- Commerical ⬆⬆⬆ 2

IRONMAN IM.ST603 Speed Gate -- Commerical ⬆⬆⬆ 3



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